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Wednesday, 24 August 2005



WOW.. great pics of the Wall!!
but Deadwood in China just doesn't seem right.


hey joe and libby,
looks like you had a great time in china!
i've been busy here, but not having nearly so many adventures. heading to LA next month for a friends wedding, working, working, working.
i also joined a soccer team this fall, our first game was last week. we're pretty good, but lost anyway, 5 to 0.
well, i better get going.
love you guys...keep in touch


Wow - looks like you had a great trip. The Great Wall looks a tad bigger than the Big Four bridge! It was good talking to you the other day and everything was as good as it looks.Love you. Talk to you soon. Miss you always! Love, Mom


Joe and Libby,
UNBELIEVEABLE!! Those pictures were awesome! Now, I have a few questions: You talked about the black car picking you up... Who was that and was the whole trip like a tour? Was the driver of the black car the one that took all your pictures of the two of you? What feeling did the two of you have when you were in the center of the circle trying to talk to the gods? Were you talking out loud? The wall must have been unbelieveable, ne? Why didn't you show off the leather bag that you picked up when you were there? When does the book come out? (remember Joe, you told me that you would work on that for me) I had more, but I need the pictures to ask the questions... I can't remember any other ones. I am going to let you go now... I'm ganna relax- crack open a beer, get out my book "The buttress of windsor" dip my little toes in the water. Talk to you soon. Love you. I typed my posting right under moms, which is right under theresa's- Isn't that special :) I love you both!! Talk to you later. (ps Joe I am at the library, and I had to pay $2.00 to be on here) Love ya! e-mail me back with all the answers.

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