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Wednesday, 24 August 2005


Roger Miles

Please try to get this article published... home town newspaper.. Japan or US.. a magazine...
It needs to be shared with as many as possible..


Ano Rocks! Sunkus is King! It is the home of the throne! All I know is that every single Japanese person I came into contact with made me feel completely at home, even when I was "lost in translation" as it were. Gaigin (primarily the American type - as Europeans are up to their necks in other cultures in a way that many American's are not) go everywhere expecting to be treated as if they are special and from what I gathered in my short time there with the two of you, they tend to travel in little xenophobic herds and feign a strange contempt for the locals. This, I noticed, is not how the two of you have approached your time in Japan and you are constantly rewarded for it. Ok, enuff of that, MORE CHINA PICS!


That is so awesome! Did you ever find out what the ceramony was for?

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